March 13 2012

iamsupermima said: Macho gwapito talaga oh! HAHAAHA YIHEEE. Nice one Papa Kevs :))))

Bakit mira?? hahaha. single ako pero di na available! hahaha

March 12 2012

Anonymous said: hi kevin jon valdez orit. nagpa-anon muna ako kasi nahihiya akong sabihin sayo kung sino ako pero bibigyan kita ng clue maya-maya. Wellalam mo matagal na kitang kilala pero ako hindi. Kilala mo lang akosa mukha pero hindi mo alam kung anong pangalanko. Lagi kitang nahuhuling naktingin at nakatitg sa akin. May mga times na gusto mong tumingin sa akin pero hindi mo ko matingnanng diretso kasi magkatabi tayo. Alam mo kaya ko to sinasabi dahil aaminin ko sayo may nararamdaman ako para sayo

yung answer ko dun sa ibang questions dito na lang lahat ah. honestly, no one has ever sent me something like this before, much more say that i’m handsome. nevertheless, i’m still thinking on the lines that maybe this is a prank made by my friends, believe me, they always do something like this. but if this is not, well, i’m very much open to be your friend. but how can i do that if you won’t introduce yourself? so just tell me your name, or where have you seen me, or add me on fb. that’s all. thank you very much.

enjoy my blog! :) 

January 15 2012


Sisig, probably the most famous pulutan in the Philippines, is usually made of maskara or the whole face of the pig - skin, fat, and meat. The maskara is boiled until tender and is grilled afterwards. It is then chopped into square bits, which are then sauteed with seasonings and is usually cooked until crispy.

There are as many variations of sisig as the number of dialects in the country. The most popular one, which also happens to be my favorite, is served on a sizzling plate, topped with lots of onions, chili peppers, and a whole raw egg. Mayonnaise, which gives sisig a creamy taste, has lately been a popular seasoning.

Sometimes, the pig’s brain (yes, the brain itself), is added in place of mayonnaise.

October 23 2011


Literally means, “scattered sushi”, this dish is made by placing raw sashimi and/or other sushi toppings on top of a bowl of rice.There can be so many kinds and varieties of chirashizushi since the ingredients included could be of the chef’s preference or of the customer’s instructions. 

September 04 2011


Just my 2 cents y’all

Master Chef U.S/ Australia Judge/Host: “What’re you cooking?”

Master Chef U.S/ Australia contestant: “jfbeaofub” (some dish i haven’t even heard of)


Master Chef Philippines CELEBRITY Host: ”What’re you cooking”

Master Chef Philippines contestant: ”Mango float”

I’m not even gonna question your skills coz i know you CAN cook but mango float? Seriously? I think leche flan would’ve been twice as bad ass as a friggin mangos and cream ontop of a crust of graham crackers. And i get it, it’s the execution but MANGO FLOAT?! Are you serious?!!!!???????!!!!

Every letter in this post is worth the reblog. And it matches my blog’s theme! 

A cooking show with mango floats to boast and celebrities to host. Very Typical.

Via The Girl Who Lived

August 23 2011

Damn Thesis

Well, as you guys should know, I’m just an Information Technology Major with a knack for concocting sauces and creating dishes. That’s why I’m taking a short hiatus so that I could focus on finishing my thesis. I’ll be back at around October to post more mouth-watering dishes, that I promise you.

July 27 2011

If I were to make another blog that is all about one specific kind of dish, what should it be? Any suggestions?

the recipe

From the mouth-watering dishes of my homeland, the Philippines, to the fine and elegant Italian foods, from the most common to the most exotic, this blog will give them all to you.


All of the photos posted here are not mine unless otherwise stated.

the ingredients

browse the fridge if you need anything else

personal blog
about the chef
give the chef a tip


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